Improve your website’s rankings with our exciting new SEO service!

Is your website being ‘found’ on the internet easily? How many visitors do you actually get? And what percentage of them end up becoming customers?

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I’m really excited to announce that an Oxfordshire based IT company, Bongo IT, have invited me to collaborate with them on their SEO service provision. They’ll do all the clever techy stuff, and I’ll create the content. So I thought I’d let you know a bit more about it…

These days it’s increasingly important to ensure that your business website has the best functioning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Obviously design is important too, but there’s little point in having a stunning website with vibrant visuals, creative content and gazillions of gizmos for your visitors to play with if it’s not being ‘found’ by your prospective customers.

FREE Web Health Check

Bongo IT provides a free Web Health Check to find out how well your website is performing. They will then report back their findings with suggestions on how to get your website on page one of Google (and other search engines too, of course).

The service includes:

Market Research:  First, they research your business, products, competition and marketing activities to find out what makes you unique and where your niche may be. They’ll then outline a strategy based on their findings that’s ideal for your particular needs, which are then discussed in depth with you. Finally, we’ll implement the agreed strategy to draw people to your website, predominantly through content marketing and traditional on site SEO.

Content Planning:  Bongo IT will create a content plan with you to keep your website regularly updated and relevant. That’s when I come in. I’ll then write the content that keeps your site fresh and interesting to both your customers and search engines.

Monitoring:  Analytics will be installed onto your website so you can access reports on the usage and traffic. We will also give you regular updates on progress and how we might adapt our content strategy as required.

There’s lots more techy stuff I could tell you, too, about customising HTML, Meta data and generating XML site maps for submission to all the major search engines. But I won’t. I don’t know about you, but that’s when I start yawning…

To find out more about how our new service can help get your website on page one of Google (or Bing, or whatever…), either contact me on, or ask for Andrew at Bongo IT on 01865 988217, or email

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