Eating Disorder advocacy

This blog is no longer about my copywriting service (which I am still delivering, by the way!), but is now dedicated purely to eating disorder advocacy. I am passionate about creating better awareness and understanding of what eating disorders are, and particularly for the vast improvement to treatment here in the UK.

I am the mother of a young adult who is still suffering with her eating disorder – Anorexia Nervosa – after 11 years of poor treatment. I do not want others to suffer the way she has. Eating disorders are not a choice. Nor are they necessarily about ‘control’, although control can become a big part of the illness.

Eating disorders are extremely complex. Generally, it is recognised that they are biological, genetic illnesses that can be triggered simply by the bodyweight dropping below its natural set point from a diet gone too far, through illness, or from training to be an athlete, for instance. But EDs can also be triggered by a perfect storm of a number of things, including trauma and abuse.

It is REALLY important to remember that parents are not to blame for their child’s eating disorder! Or rarely, I should say. If someone has suffered, or is suffering, abuse at home, then some blame may be apportioned. But not everyone who suffers abuse or trauma gets an eating disorder. And not everyone with an eating disorder has suffered abuse or trauma. As I mentioned above, EDs are complex.

Remember – you can’t always tell that someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them.

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